"A few years ago, someone asked me by way of their T-shirt, Got Freedom? Here's, a bit delayed and by way of two small seaplanes and a continent ten thousand horizons wide, my answer."--Richard Bach

Get Paid for Your Writing

Chris Guillebeau has a brand new guide for anyone who is interested in Freelance Writing. Chris has traveled to every country in the world before the age of 35, and he is a wonderful writer, blogger, and inspiration to others.  MORE ON CHRIS HERE...

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Get Paid to Travel

Travel and be paid for every trip you take. 
Form your 
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to get paid when traveling. If you've wanted
to travel the world, this is a way to do
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ENJOY ACROSS A BLUE SEA'S ON-LOCATION VIDEO TO KAGOSHIMA AND KYOTO, JAPAN to find out all about ancient Japanese green tea.


"Across a Blue Sea with Katherine Bowers" is a unique travel and interest program that takes you to the world's destinations where you will meet local artists, people and musicians on location. We also present a Travel Affiliate Program for those who are looking for a successful on-line travel business.  

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The Perfect Travelers Tea

DoMatcha Green Tea Packets, 24 Count

Uncut tea field

This picture is from DōMatcha's organic tea fields in Kagoshima, Japan. As a traveler, dealing with jetlag, fatigue, and sleep loss, I found that matcha green tea provided an excellent solution for adjusting to local time zones and keeping my immune system strong while traveling. The many health benefits are even being talked about on Oprah and Dr. Oz, as people around the world find out more about anti-oxidants, polyphenols, and healthful catechins.

Learn more about the tea here.

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Sometimes we need a new perspective. Improve your life. 

Unconventional Guides
Steve G. Jones 
Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
One of the best parts of my day is showing appreciation to others. 
(365 days of thank you!)



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The Canon Power Shot
 Canon PowerShot ELPH 310 HS 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 8x Wide-
Angle Optical Zoom Lens and Full 1080p HD Video (Green)

Thin & powerful, shoots far and wide.

My traveler's outfit, complete with handy
Canon Elph.


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HDR Photography

Realistic HDR Book2a
Create gorgeous
travel pictures with
HDR Photography.  

DoMatcha Packets 





Domatcha Green Tea
Traveler's Packets
15% discount for
Across a Blue Sea 
subscribers. Enter 
discount code
at checkout page

green_tea_farm_in_KyotoSee how to
make the tea
video here.